The programs presented here are meant to be used in conjunction with
VGA-Planets, a play-by-email game invented by Tim Wissemann.

If you're going to play VGAP on Linux (and the like), they'll be very
useful for you. To complete your set of programs, you might want to
get kunpack from Kero van Gelder (to unpack your RSTs) and maketurn
(to make TRNs) from Stefan Reuther. JVCR might work as a VCR viewer
for you; but I didn't get it to display any VCR at all.

Please, keep in mind that the programs are designed to work with

mailto: Tim Wissemann

mailto: Kero van Gelder

mailto: Stefan Reuther

See here for recent versions of Phost.

November 27., 2001: bugfix fixed
download: X11 VGAP client, source

download: X11 VGAP client, binaries

Changes are as follows:

       The archives that were supposed to provide the bugfix were
       build with the wrong version of generalobject.c. Therefore,
       actually nothing was fixed :(

       The new archives do contain the fixed versions --- if not,
       I must be blind or something like that ...

17. November 2001: bugfix released

Changes are as follows: When no minefields were reported in the Util.dat, xk produced a segmentation fault. Thanks to Hauke Johannknecht for notifying me and providing player data for testing! The archive does no longer contain the test/ branch of the src/ directory. The version in test/ was outdated anyway, and the smaller archive is faster to download. People who have the source distribution of November 2nd, 2001, at hand can download the above file, generalobject.c.gz, unpack it and replace the old version (in xk/src/) of that file with the new one. After recompiling, the bug is fixed. Take a look on the news page.

17. November 2001: binary version released

This is the same version as in the source distribution. The source has been compiled on Debian 2.2, r0 + r2. yun:~/pack/create-archives> uname -a Linux yun 2.4.5-xfs-1.0.1 #7 Sun Nov 4 17:58:13 CET 2001 i686 unknown yun:~/pack/create-archives>

02. November 2001: a new version of xk is available

Changes are as follows:

	The code to maintain the general objects has been

	All available Util.dat records have been made
	known to xk (as of Phost 3.3d). Maybe something like a
	record-browser would be a good idea.

	All Util.dat entries are kept in the general object list for
	informational purposes now; to allow for more than 500 mines,
	a seperate GO list is created as a result of calculating the
	records concerning mine fields. The mine field information (on
	the map) will be more accurate because some information wasn't
	taken into account before. Mine field information is no longer
	stored in the ChartRect.

	The build queue information is now taken from the Util.dat
	records. Scanning the messages is still enabled to continue
	support for older host versions that only report the build
	queue information within the messages.
	The build queue priority is now displayed in the Starbases

	Mine field drawing has been put into a seperate function (see
	draw_minefields.c). All fields are drawn before anything else,
	so things can be drawn over the fields. The ID of the planet
	whoose FC is relevant for the mine field is now drawn when the
	mine field information display is enabled.

	OpenGL support (libsx) has been reenabled. I turned it off
	because it didn't work with Xfree86 4.x and my Matrox
	G400. Turn off GL support if you're getting in trouble.

		The minefield information should be saved so that
		it is available in history windows. This will be done
		by saving the whole Util.dat of each turn.

		The method to gather available information about
		objects should be overworked. Util.dat processing
		should be overworked.

		Maybe some kind of object tracking should be invented.

download: collection of programs
I've uploaded this collective archive for testing purposes. It is
quite useful because it contains the most recent versions of the
programs. Better archives will be created later.

yun:~/haus2> tar -tvf sammel.tar
-rw-rw-r-- lee/lee       96508 2001-09-28 18:10:07 qvs-snapshot-2001-09-28.tar.bz2
-rw-rw-r-- lee/lee      144661 2001-09-28 18:09:30 starbeamer-snapshot-2001-09-28.tar.bz2
-rw-rw-r-- lee/lee     1703130 2001-09-28 18:08:32 xk-snapshot-2001-09-28.tar.bz2

('snapshot' indicates that the archive contains just a full copy of
 the current development directory)

+ xk is the VGAP client
   (If you get a segmentation fault starting xk, you probably need
    to increase the available stacksize. Take a look for 'ulimit' in
    man bash or for 'limit' in man tcsh.
    Configure production rates and taxes in prepare_map.c (line 715
    etc.) and recompile! --- This information is not yet contained
    in the documentation, afair.)

+ starbeamer is an host-side add-on, providing an automated system of
   cargo distribution, routing and transportation
   (Decrease the costs of starbeamer devices in config.h!)

+ QVS is an host-side add-on, conducting the distribution of ship-slots
   (works with Phost only)

download: libsx
The libsx is a library used by xk and, optionally, QVS.

Most people had trouble compiling the libsx. Declaring caddr_t as
char * in the files that produce errors about caddr_t will help:

typedef char *caddr_t;

The file you need to compile is libsx.a (in libsx/src); compiling the
demo-programs isn't required. (I'd recommend to copy libsx.a to
/usr/local/lib and to run ldconfig afterwards.)

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